What is this page?

In our line of business, we have come across many expectant moms (and current moms) who have TONS of questions. This page is intended to pull together resources for you to make things just a little easier for you to make it past "go" in researching various topics. It is not comprehensive, but rather the tip of the iceberg. Please know that we are not trying to push you in any particular direction, and we have no affiliation to the mentioned groups, businesses and sites, but are helping to make resources available to you.

We hope you find it helpful :)

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Lactation Consultants

If you are struggling with breastfeeding, or are planning to breastfeed and want to be well prepared for the journey, it is important that you find a lactation consultant to assist you. 


There are publicly funded services in the community offering Lactation support. To access these services ask your Lead Maternity Carer or Well Child provider, or contact your local maternity hospital or birthing unit.

Alternatively, have a look at this Directory which lists Lactation Consultants in NZ in private practice who are members of NZLCA to find a consultant in your area. 

Find a Lactation Consultant

La Leche League: Mother to Mother BF Support NZ

Mother to Mother breastfeeding support in New Zealand

Questions or worries about breastfeeding? The accredited La Leche League Leaders are experienced mothers who have been trained to provide information and support for breastfeeding. They can help over the phone, at their informal meetings, or you can ask questions via email or on social media.  All of this is free and confidential.

La Leche League Website

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Fertility New Zealand

Fertility New Zealand is committed to supporting, advocating for and educating all people who face infertility challenges at all stages of their journey and beyond.

Fertility NZ provides assistance for people with fertility issues through the following channels:

• Support A network of regular support gatherings, workshops and contact groups throughout the country; an 0800 line and email address for enquiries, and infertility forums on their website where Members can provide support to one another.

• Information Fertility NZ’s website is the focal point of information; informative fact sheet brochures are available for Members and through Clinics; a series of information videos; regular publication of The Dandelion Newsletter and email updates to Members; conferences and information events. They also host an annual campaign to raise awareness of infertility and fertility-related issues.

• Advocacy Representing the voice of people affected by infertility on medical, ethical and policy issues.

Fertility NZ Website

Tel: 0800 333 306

email: support@fertilitynz.org.nz

Stress and conception

It is well-known that stress can reduce the chances of conception.

Here are some strategies you can implement to reduce stress while trying to conceive:

Establish a support network - Aside from the stress of it all, struggles to conceive also tend to lead to feelings of loneliness, inadequacy and at times depression.

This makes it vital that you connect with others you trust and share how you are feeling.

1) Open up to family/friends about what you are going through and how they can support you.

2) If you do not feel you are receiving enough support from your family or friends, try reaching out to a local support group in your area which focuses on infertility issues.

3) If you don't know of any groups in your area who are supporting each other through the journey to conception, you can network through Facebook groups.

In this instance, you want to make sure that you are connecting with other people who are on this journey or who have been through it before, and can thus relate to you.

Examples of groups you could join:

Daily Fertility Tips - Private Facebook Group

Fertility Family NZ

Women 40+ Infertility Support Group

4) If you are struggling, and particularly if you are feeling anxious, helpless or depressed, seek professional counselling.

Note: if you are working with a fertility clinic, you may have access to counselling through the clinic. If not and if you would like assistance from a fertility-specialist counsellor, you can get in touch with one here: ANZICA Private Practice Counsellors.

Allow yourself to grieve -

Experiencing an unsuccessful pregnancy, or struggling to conceive in the past, can make trying again a stressful time. Allow yourself space to grieve and acknowledge your feelings rather than bottling them up. Take hold of your support system during this time to help you work through these emotions and in so doing reduce your stress levels.

Stay physically active -

Exercising, in one way or another, releases endorphins which improve your mood and reduce your stress levels. Just remember, if you are receiving infertility treatment you should follow the advice of your doctor regarding exercising.

Eat Healthily -

Make sure to eat a good, balanced diet and reduce your intake of things such as sugar, caffeine and starches as these things may trigger your stress hormones.

Practice Relaxation Techniques, stick to your hobbies and maintain a good social life -

This looks different for everyone, so take what helps you to relax and get your mind off of things, and embrace that thing.

At the same time, don't forget that you need to remember and take part in the things that make you who you are.

Fertility Associates

Who they are:

Founded in 1987 by Dr Freddie Graham and Dr Richard Fisher, the doctors who introduced IVF to New Zealand, Fertility Associates is New Zealand's leading provider of fertility diagnosis, support and treatment. They’re committed to providing the very best fertility treatment, technology, expertise and care, and with over 24,500 babies born so far, can help you on this very important journey towards having a baby.

Where they are:

You’re never far away from expert care, advice and expertise with Fertility Associates. Their fertility clinics are located in five main centres around New Zealand, as well as around Australia, and their doctors regularly consult in another  22 locations.

Learn more about the treatments and pathways offered by Fertility Associates.

You can also read about the treatment costs, payment options and more on their website.

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Parenting Helpline Support

One of the ways you can get free parenting advice on almost all issues (eg Solo Parenting, Behavioural Issues, Mental Health concerns) is by giving Parent Help a call.

They have a free helpline which is answered by trained support workers who will ask you questions about the situation you would like assistance with. They will then brainstorm solutions with you, and recommend tips and strategies.

The support worker might refer you to counselling if needed, or recommend other support.

Parenting Helpline Website

Free Helpline: 0800 568 85

From 9am to 9pm
7 days a week.

Family Works Support

Who they are:

Family Works services are provided by the seven Presbyterian Support organisations throughout New Zealand. 

Family Works services support people experiencing challenging or difficult times to help them make positive changes in their lives. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but Family Works can support children, young people and families to make positive changes in their lives using the strengths and resources they already have.

Who they help:

-> Families – by working alongside you to resolve conflicts and strengthen relationships.

-> Children – by supporting children and young people to overcome challenges at home or school.

-> Parents – by addressing issues and building strong, supportive family relationships.

-> Communities – by working together and investing in people and communities we can make a big difference to a lot of lives.

Some of the services they offer:

*social work support and coordination

*counselling and therapy

*parenting programmes

*children’s programmes

*family dispute resolution service

*mentoring and support for young people

*family violence prevention

*restorative justice

*community reintegration

*connection to community supports, groups and networks.

Family Works NZ Website


KidsHealth - Advice, articles, videos, and more from before birth to teen years

Nemours Children’s Health is committed to transforming the health of children by going beyond medicine to improve the health of the world in which every child lives. They founded KidsHealth.org in 1995.

What They Do

They aim to give families the tools and confidence to make the best health choices.

Here's what you'll find on Nemours KidsHealth.org:

  • Doctor-reviewed advice on hundreds of physical, emotional, and behavioral topics — from before birth through the teen years.
  • Separate sections for parents, kids, and teens, each created with your questions in mind.
  • Easy-to-follow articles, slideshows, videos, and health tools designed to help families learn, grow, and be their best.
  • Free Lesson Plans and programs for teachers and early childhood educators.

They partner with MANY other groups that share their mission to help kids grow up healthy.

Kids Health Website

Byte - Dental Health from Pregnancy through to Young Adulthood

It's vital to teach children the importance of dental hygiene at a young age, but did you know decisions made during pregnancy can greatly impact a child's future dental health too?

Byte recently published an educational guide on dental hygiene from pregnancy to young adulthood that shares invaluable information for parents. 


Helpful guides they have made available:

First Aid

Little Beat - First Aid Education for Parents

Little Beat First Aid provides infant and child first aid education sessions specifically curated to meet the needs of new or expectant parents.

Sessions are facilitated by Shrenika, an ex-paediatric nurse and mum of two, which means you will receive information which is evidence-based as well as practical.

Participate in short, two hour sessions in your home, online or on public groups, covering the basics to make you feel more confident in an emergency situation.

Little Beat Website

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I'm Pregnant... now what?

For all the NZ mama's, there is a really great section on the Ministry of Health Website which gives you loads of useful info about everything from what steps you should take, what to expect at various stages of pregnancy, and much more.

Check it out here: Pregnancy and Kids

Your lead maternity carer is a midwife or specialist doctor who provides maternity care for you. You choose who provides your maternity care.

Your lead maternity carer will care for you while you are pregnant, during labour and birth and for 4–6 weeks after your baby is born. All maternity care is free unless you choose a specialist doctor.

If you choose to go for a midwife, you can have a look at who is in your region here: Find Your Midwife

What to eat/avoid during pregnancy - Pregnancy Food Checker

Pregnancy Food Checker’s mission is to help pregnant women (and their partners and families) make easier and safer food choices.

All of their content is reviewed by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) for accuracy and in keeping with current advice on optimal maternal nutrition.

Their Policy and what they do:

  • Provide guidance, quote and cite information from reputable medical professionals, white papers, journals, and government sources, with links (where applicable) to the sources used
  • List clear, ‘real-life’ suggestions and brands rather than vague general information
  • Give examples of common dishes that are safe, and ones to avoid
  • Build upon existing advice given to pregnant women, particularly those who are pregnant for the first time
  • Explain risk levels of certain foods, allowing pregnant women to make better choices on what to eat in which stage of pregnancy
  • Banish myths, scaremongering and rumors about food in pregnancy and replacing this with broadly accepted research and science-backed answers
  • Continually review food and pregnancy information and stay up-to-date on the latest news and research findings, and update the site’s content accordingly

Pregnancy Food Checker Website