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Baby Purée Powder: Growing Greens - Norish

Baby Purée Powder: Growing Greens - Norish

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Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2023 Silver winner (Life And Leisure)🤩🏆

Norish’s Growing Greens is a powerhouse blend of plant-based superfoods such as spirulina, broccoli and kelp that are known to be rich in bio available minerals and vitamins. The addition of New Zealand grass-fed beef bone broth powder and quinoa provides a further boost to this blend’s nutritional profile. 

Why the addition of Beef Bone Broth? Read about it here: OhBabyNutrition 

Learn more about feeding your little one from Norish’s developer, a New Zealand Nutritionist. 

The Norish purée range is PERFECT for busy parents who want to make sure their babies get everything they need in their diets to develop and grow in the best way possible. 

Take comfort in knowing that the Norish range has been developed with your baby's health in mind. Perfect for developing taste buds and parents’ peace of mind. 

Simply add ¼ cup of warm boiled water and mix until combined.

Freeze-dried technology locks in all the nutrients in whole foods, concentrating raw ingredients into a nutrient dense powder, that’s quick and easy to prepare.

Organic Quinoa Powder (45.5%), Carrot, Pumpkin, NZ Grass-fed Beef Bone Broth (15%), Broccoli (5%), Spirulina (1%), Kelp (0.05%)

 Suitable for children 6 months +

Current best before: 01/11/2024


Our unique freeze-dried technology means we can keep all the goodness nature created, capturing the best of natural ingredients into this convenient blend. Our process packs an extra nutritional punch into every Norish meal fitting lots of nutrition into each spoon.

1 teaspoons of Norish baby puree powder=
4 teaspoons of fresh vegetables



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