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Belly Bestie Band for C-Sections and Pregnancy Support

Belly Bestie Band for C-Sections and Pregnancy Support

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Looking to ease the pressure on your waist, hips, pelvis and back during pregnancy? 

Maia Mum's Belly Bestie is a 2-in-1 support belt for during and after pregnancy. It is designed cradle your belly to ease your aches and provide instant relief from all those pregnancy niggles. Using our Belly Bestie can help decrease pain, provide gentle compression during activities, provide external cues for posture and allow you to comfortably engage in daily activities.


Our Belly Bestie can also aide in C-section recovery too. After you've had a baby come out the sunroof, you sometimes just need to feel that extra support, our Belly Bestie is how you can get it! When the thought of going in the car and having to put a seatbelt right across your incision is gut-wrenching...fear not, use your Belly Bestie for some extra padding and you'll be away laughing! Sore incision site? Pop a frozen gel pad (sold separately) in the pocket, sit back, relax and let the healing happen. 


Also great for use on round ligament pains, back pains and any pains really-the gel pads can be use hot or cold!

Materials: Mesh (polyester), strip (nylon and cotton)

Use: You can wear your Belly Bestie two ways: with the wider part at the front under your stomach, or wrap it around and fasten at the front with the wider part at the back.Whichever feels most comfortable for you each day. All you need to do is adjust for light compression where you need support, and fasten the velcro. Please note this is NOT a tummy-binder.


Features include:

- Fully adjustable sizing

- Soft velcro fastening

- Pocket for inserting a hot/cold gel pad to ease your pain

- Central mesh panel for breathability

- Can be worn discreetly under or over clothing

- Length 120cm x Width 12cm

- Leaflet with instructions of use and care

- Fabric: 50% cotton 30% nylon 20% polyester


Care instructions: Hand wash or delicate machine wash and line-dry.



Care Instructions

Use Instructions

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Stacey M

    Instant back & pelvis relief - I can’t wait to try it after my elective cesarean. I wish I had saw this in my first pregnancy!

    Kate Peters
    The relief!!

    So glad i got one of these, wish id got one for my other pregnancy's. The relief it gives is great, i definately notice when i haven't got it on.