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Deborah Hinde

Enough - A Story About Community

Enough - A Story About Community

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Nearly enough,

sort of enough,

almost enough ...

In Hana’s street there is not enough. Until Hana decides to do something about it.

Although Hana’s attempts to help are in the beginning successful, when winter comes, then hardship, she is unable to meet everyone’s needs. At the point where she despairs, her family and the neighbours she has helped step in and offer to give her a hand. By pulling together they build a resilient community in which everyone has enough.

Enough is a story about community, kindness and the power of helping hands. This book is also a way for younger children to reflect on and make sense of what has happened in the current pandemic, through story. 

Enough is a resource that whānau and teachers can use to discuss and explore what it means to be a community, and ways to respond and look after each other in times of need.

Fit with the New Zealand curriculum

Enough is a valuable text for teachers and families to share and discuss with younger children what it means to have ‘enough’ and what they and others can do to look after each other during challenging times.

The story aligns with the key competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum (relating to others, and participating and contributing); and to the social sciences curriculum levels 1 and 2, in particular with respect to understanding:

  • how belonging to groups is important for people
  • that people have different roles and responsibilities as part of their participation in groups
  • that people have social, cultural, and economic roles, rights, and responsibilities
  • how people make choices to meet their needs and wants
  • how time and change affect people’s live
  • how people make significant contributions to New Zealand’s society.

It is also an uplifting story, with beautiful pictures that reflect the communities where many New Zealanders live, allowing children to see themselves and their place on the page.

  • Product Info

    Title: Enough - A story about community
    Author: Sarah Johnson
    Illustrator: Deborah Hinde 
    Publisher: PictureBook Publishing
    First published 2021
    ISBN: 978-0 473-5570-9

    Soft cover  - section sewn perfect bound 



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