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Posse Teevy Tea

Loose Leaf Tea - Fine & Dandy

Loose Leaf Tea - Fine & Dandy

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When you open your packet of Fine and Dandy, you can see the different shades of green from the Sencha, Dandelion, Nettle and Cinnamon. Breathe in. 

Even before you pour the water, the smell takes you away to a freshly mown meadow. With the lingering scent of the cinnamon bark raising memories of warm end-of-summer sunshine.

Now add water. 80-85 degrees is best (boil the kettle and let it sit for a minute to cool) and infuse 1 tsp Fine and Dandy green tea for 2-3 minutes. Watch the bright moss colour develop as you pick up your gratitude diary and prepare for 15 minutes of self-care time. 

The Dandelion and Nettle give Fine and Dandy a fresh, grassy taste, with a hint of caramel coming at the end from the cinnamon bark. Enjoy the smooth and rounded taste as you let your mind drift off to lying on a blanket in a meadow on a warm summer's day.

For a cold brew, leave in cold water overnight in the fridge.

Ingredients: Organic green tea (Sencha), Dandelion, Nettle, Cinnamon bark.

Approximately 20 cups of tea.



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