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Posse Teevy Tea

Loose Leaf Tea - Life is Peachy

Loose Leaf Tea - Life is Peachy

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There’s no doubt life’s peachy! Open your packet of Life is Peachy to the aroma of fresh peach that evokes memories of hot, honey-dipped sunshine. Perfect for your 15-minutes of self-care time. After all, time for tea is time for you. 

Brew 1 tsp in 80-85 degree hot water for 2-3 minutes and watch the golden tea develop. Then sit and close your eyes as you’re taken away from the daily grind to sitting under the trees in the peach orchard, with the nectar of peach juice dripping down your chin. Pure summer.

Enjoy the honey-rounded smooth taste, giving you a warm, fuzzy feeling. Life is peachy after all.

For a cold brew, leave in cold water overnight in the fridge.

Ingredients: Organic green tea (Sencha), Safflowers, Natural peach.

Approximately 20 cups of tea.



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