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Deborah Hinde

Storybook - Hollybee Hope wants a Prickly Coat

Storybook - Hollybee Hope wants a Prickly Coat

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Hollybee Hope is a hedgehog with a prickly problem ... she doesn't have any spines! Her father tells her to be patient, but Hollybee is not a patient hedgehog. She wants to look like a real hedgehog and have spines right now! 
When Hollybee finds a brush in a bucket, she thinks she's found the perfect solution. But things don't go as planned. Maddie Mouse, Basil Bunny and Nanny Snuffles rally round to help her solve her prickly problem, and all goes well ... until they come face to face with The Terror.


Gorgeously illustrated, Hollybee Hope wants a Prickly Coat is a delightful story of self acceptance. It is also a story of friendship - the type of friendship for which you'd sacrifice something special.

 Signed by the author ❤️


  • Title: Hollybee Hope wants a Prickly Coat 
    Author and illustrator: Deborah Hinde 
    Publisher: PictureBook Publishing 
    First published 19 October 2018 
    ISBN: 978-0-473-36294-2

    Soft cover gatefold - section sewn perfect bound 
    Matt laminated 
    242mm x 250mm 
    32 pages full colour



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