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Three Book Bundle

Three Book Bundle

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An awesome collection of books all illustrated and personally signed by Deborah Hinde 😁


The stories:


1) Harold’s Spots

Harold the Giraffe is loved by generations of New Zealanders. Students across the country look forward to his frequent visits to their schools, while adults remember him, and his messages of positivity and resilience, from their own school days. Now he gets to star in his very own picture book Harold's Spots!

Harold's Spots is a beautiful book, with a fun uplifting story, that children and families can enjoy again and again. 

We are delighted to help spread Harold's message through the story of this book - a story that each of us is precious and wonderful, in our own unique way. Buying this book supports the Waipa-King Country Life Education Trust’s work and the many volunteers working to encourage and support school children in New Zealand.

Signed by the author ❤️


The story:

Harold has always had spots. Until Oxpecker decides to do something about them. Will Harold still be Harold without his spots…? 


2) Sleep Little Kiwi, Sleep

Sleep Little Kiwi, Sleep introduces young children to nocturnal animals that are busy with their 'day', while they themselves are tucked up in bed fast asleep.
Sleep Little Kiwi, Sleep is the perfect bedtime story for sleepy little kiwis. The language has a lovely gentleness to it which complements the illustrations of the night forest.

The book also includes a Te Reo Māori translation of some of the creatures featured in the illustrations and text.

Signed by the author ❤️


The Story:

Follow Little Kiwi and meet his forest friends as he hunts for food for a midnight feast, escapes a predator and arrives back to his burrow safe and sound as the sun rises.


3) Hollybee Hope wants a Prickly Coat

Gorgeously illustrated, Hollybee Hope wants a Prickly Coat is a delightful story of self acceptance. It is also a story of friendship - the type of friendship for which you'd sacrifice something special.

Signed by the author ❤️


The Story:
Hollybee Hope is a hedgehog with a prickly problem ... she doesn't have any spines! Her father tells her to be patient, but Hollybee is not a patient hedgehog. She wants to look like a real hedgehog and have spines right now! 
When Hollybee finds a brush in a bucket, she thinks she's found the perfect solution. But things don't go as planned. Maddie Mouse, Basil Bunny and Nanny Snuffles rally round to help her solve her prickly problem, and all goes well ... until they come face to face with The Terror.





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